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Finishing Backstage, Car Crashes & Swapmeets

Wednesday July 29 2009

In the studio it's so cold that I turn on the heat gun and hang it from a nail. If you hear that the studio had burnt down then it's probably that or the latex oven that's set to full and door-less. ...

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Static Electricity, M&M and Galahs

Tuesday April 14 2009

Have I told you about the static electricity in the building? With the dry heat, humble reader, the static comes out of the walls like "brown wood roaches onto a bin crudely made by hanging a plastic bag on a nail, that, yes I did say I was going to put out - but c'mon baby - Iím relaxing". Well thatís pretty much it, I guess we have become so scared by it that I carry a small piece of metal that I...

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Speaking about Voices

Monday May 26 2008

If you're in Melbourne town, Pierce is speaking about voices...

101 #2: Voice Wrangling
presented by Pierce Davison
Wednesday 18, 5.15pm acmi cinema 1
As part of the Melbourne International Animation Festival

Creator of "Professor Pebbles" (in the Australian Panorama) & currently working on Adam Elliotís feature film, Pierce has been animating since he was a teenager. His indie films have shown all over the world.

Just one striking feature of "Professor Pebbles" is the menagerie of voice talent including such celebrity 'appearances' as Shaun Micallef and John Saffran. Wrangling, directing and capturing just the right voices in just the right ways can be a make or break for the final result and Pierce will share his experiences bringing this aspect of directing an animated film together.