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awards and screenings

ABC TV (Australia) ‘Animated Behaviour’ November 2003

Post Production Award, Melbourne International Comedy Festival Film Festival, 2005 (Australia)
Audience Award and Judges Selection - First Sunday Comedy Film Festival, 2006 (USA)

Best Animation & Best Animator, West Australian Screen Awards, 2004 (Australia)

In Competition
World Wide Short Film Festival, 2004 (Canada)
Cartoons on the Bay – International Showcase, 2004 (Italy)
In The Bin Short Film Festival, 2004 (Australia) & Tour, 2005

Screened at
Fremantle Outdoor Film Festival, 2004 (Australia)
Revelation Independent Film Festival, 2004 (Australia)
Get Your Shorts On Showcase, 2004 (Australia)
Mandurah Short Film Festival, 2004 (Australia)
Jackson Hole Film Festival, 2004 (USA)
In the Realm of the Senses, 2005 (Australia)
Wave Rock Weekender, 2006 (Australia)
SPLIF Animation Festival, 2006 (Australia)
First Sunday Comedy Film Festival, 2006 (USA)

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The Olympiads Lounge


The Olympiads Lounge is an underground club where the Greek Gods come together and perform their stand-up comedy routines. Having abandoned Mt Olympus and finding it hard to integrate into society this seems to be their only outlet. But having been on tour for months this, a documentary of their final gig, cannot have come at a better time as the cast begin to get very tetchy with each other and begin to question what they are doing.

This film documents their on stage performances and features a behind the scenes look at how this all started and what its like to be a Greek God in the twenty-first century.


Voices by James Magnus

Additional Voices - Pierce Davison & Edward J Grug III

Animator - Pierce Davison
Screenplay by Pierce Davison

Script Editor - Phil Jeng Kane
Camera/Lighting/Editing/Sound Editing/Effects Compositing - Seymour Davison
Model Design/Model Sculpting/Set Design/Set Construction - Pierce Davison & James Magnus
Costume - Bryn Meredith & Nat Bridgeland
Sound Design - Richard Mahony & Seymour Davison
Sound Design @ Toadhall Studios

Thanks to Murdoch TSU, John O'Brian and Shannon Spicer

Producer For Fly - Josh Reed

Produced by Jacob Fjord
Directed by Pierce Davison

© Papercut Media 2003