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Medusa The Series
13 x 5 mins
In Development

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Medusa          The Series


Medusa is like any 25 year-old woman trying to find her way in a world gone mad. Of course, things are a little more tricky if you’re an eternally cursed Gorgon with snakes for hair. Snakes that like to turn your suitors into stone. But you get by. You muddle through…

Over the course of this 13 episode series - Medusa will turn boyfriends to stone, have altercations with a variety of zoo animals, try out speed dating, bully her niece, go on a few dates, be judged by the titans, and journey into the depths of Hades in the name of love.


Director - Pierce Davison
Producer - Jacob Fjord

Written by Pierce Davison, Phil Jeng Jane, Paul Grace and Carla Stagles.

A full series bible is available upon request.