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Part of our overall plans are to infiltrate your DVD collection with our short films. We understand that this might be difficult given that we want you to pay for them, but it worked for the Matrix and Shrek, so we don't see why it won't work for us.

The basic deal is that you select your desired DVD, add it to the cart and make payment via an intricate set of levers and pulleys and paypal systems...

Go on have a go, the chance of internet fraud is like, really low.

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Medusa: First Date DVD

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It's hard for a well-meaning Gorgon to find love in the big city, When Medusa decides to seek a partner using a video dating service, it can only end in stony tragedy. Aided by her close friend Cupid, she embarks on a series of romantic adventures, but none of her suitors had counted on the jealousy of those snakes.

Davison Bros. A Collection 1996 - 2003 DVD

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Find out where it all started.

Includes Fetch, the original Medusa and The Olympiads Lounge, complete with directors commentaries, foley footage, image galleries and the famous Bee sting footage (if you can find it).